Watch Grumpy Cat Audition For David Letterman’s Job

Late Show With Grumpy Cat Audition

David Letterman announced earlier in the week that he would step down in 2015 from his long-standing role on the Late Show. Hoping to take over for the well-known TV star is none-other than internet sensation, Grumpy Cat.

So how would Grumpy Cat stand up to someone like Letterman? According to the audition tape the famed feline is more of the strong silent type. Perhaps that isn’t a bad thing, after all don’t we really watch talk shows for the A-List stars and musical acts?

In the video Grumpy Cat is subtitled so we know what she is thinking. Also joining the cast is a keyboard playing cat dressed in a suit.

Grumpy Cat recently turned two years old, which means she could have a long fruitful life behind the Late Show desk.

Just like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, Grumpy Cat is also an expert at making viral videos. Heck, even the David Letterman video has racked up more than 70,000 views since debuting on the Mashable YouTube page on April 4.


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