Twitter Debuts DMARC For Email Addresses, Hopes To Slow Phishing Scams

Twitter DMARC System

Twitter on Thursday announced its new use of DMARC technology. The company hopes the platform will slow cyber criminals from using fake emails address. Cyber criminals spoof their own email address so recipients believe they are receiving a verified email from Twitter.

Once a user believes they are receiving official Twitter correspondence they are more likely to provide personal information to phishing scam artists.

In a post on the official Twitter Blog the company writes:

“Without getting too technical, DMARC solves a couple of long-standing operational, deployment, and reporting issues related to email authentication protocols. It builds on established authentication protocols (DKIM and SPF) to give email providers a way to block email from forged domains popping up in inboxes. And that in turn lessens the risk users face of mistakenly giving away personal information. If you’re interested in a more technical explanation, you’ll find it here.”

Twitter actually started using DMARC in early February but chose to showcase the technology after Jeep and Burger King both had their Twitter accounts hacked.

DMARC technology is already implemented for AOL, Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail.

DMARC is still a young technology but more email platforms are expected to adopt the technology in the near future.

Now if we could just have a suitable form of two-step authentication on Twitter we would be fully impressed.



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