Turntable.fm Finally Makes Its Way To Google Android

Turntable FM Android App - Social Music

Turntable.fm users who also enjoy a Google Android smartphone can now download the DJ friendly social music app for their Android tablets and Android smartphone devices.

The team at Turntable.fm has provided most of the web functionality from the web platform, offering the same type of user experience iOS users have been experiencing for a while now.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of using Turntable.fm yet the program allows users to play as digital DJ’s for other listeners. Up to five DJs can share one room at a time with each DJ getting a chance to play a song for their fellow listeners. As each song is played the other DJs can vote if they like the track or not. As DJs earn more points for high votes they get new avatars and earn street cred with other DJs. If a bad rating is given the song is skipped and the next DJs song choice is played.

Using the application users can sort rooms by “Popular, Needs DJs, or Favorites” while users can join rooms, listen to music, DJ and vote for favorites. The Android Turntable.fm app also allow for in program chat.

Beware that the app is still new and some users can experiencing some stability issues, specifically in the chat function.

Give Turntable.fm a try on your Android device and let us know what you think of the free mobile platform.



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