Turkish Newlyweds Share Blessings with Refugees [Video]

In the light of the recent slew of celebrity couples breaking up, here’s one to light your hearts up, dear readers.

Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat are not Hollywood stars, nor are they multi-millionaire celebrities. They’re just two regular people who fell in love and got married, and later decided that it wasn’t enough to be in love on their wedding day — Love was something to spread, after all.

The Turkish newlyweds were married in Kilis, a Turkish city located on the Syrian border. They understood that the area became a refuge for many people who have fled the bloody Syrian civil war, and have found themselves with next to no basic needs. Fethullah and Esra decided to reach out and use the money for their reception to answer a portion of the food for hot meals provided by the charity Kimse Yok Mu on their wedding day. the couple wasn’t content with that, and stepped in to distribute the food themselves to the refugees, still clad in their wedding garb.

The groom’s father, Ali Üzümcüoğlu, was an active volunteer of the charity group, and set the idea before his son to consider. The 24-year-old groom had never taken part in such charity work before, and his bride Esra was also surprised with the idea. They later gave it their “Yes, I do”, and was overwhelmed with the feelings they found reaching out to others.

“The groom told me the moment of the hot meal distribution was the best moment of his wedding day,” said Hatice Avci, spokesperson for Kimse Yok Mu. “He was especially impressed by the happiness he saw in the eyes of the Syrian refugee children… and the bride was amazed about it as well.”

“They started their journey to happiness by making others happy,” Avci smiled.

The photos of the couple went viral over the weekend, and they were greeting with warm wishes and hearty congratulations. They released a statement through the charity group:

We wanted to help our Syrian brothers. We’re really surprised that the photos of our wedding dinner went around the world. We didn’t expect that. We would like to thank everyone for the best wishes. We think we’ve made an investment in happiness by sharing our dinner with Syrian refugees living in our city.

Watch the video here:


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