‘Tumblr’ Surpasses ‘Blog’ As Most Searched Term On Google


Tumblr posted its 2012 earnings today and according to new data, ‘Tumblr’ has surpassed ‘Blog’ as the most searched term on Google. Outbound social media director Laura Olin tweeted about the news and included a picture of a graph.

This is the first time since the social network started in February 2007 that it overtook “blog” in Google. The term “blog” has been on the decline since May of 2009 when it reached its peak.

The graph analyzed four different terms: Tumblr, blog, WordPress and Livejournal. Here is how they currently stand as of January 2013 out of 100:

  • Tumblr – 82
  • Blog – 66
  • WordPress – 9
  • Livejournal – 1

Tumblr currently hosts over 87 million blogs and almost 40 billion posts combined with 17.6 billion monthly pageviews. The social network has been experiencing growing pains as of late after multiple outages in December 2012 kept users out.

Even with the outages, Tumblr continues on the rise with close to 100 million posts published daily.



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