#TsiprasLeaveEUSummit Replaces #ThisIsaCoup, #Agreekment Follows Suit


Earlier this weekend, #ThisIsaCoup took Twitter by storm over the negotiations struggle between Greece’s Prime Minister Alexander Tsipras and the rest of the EU Summit.

Now, a louder, fiercer hashtag has taken over its’ predecessor’s wake and is calling for a stronger stance against the IMF.

The Greek Twittershphere has had an outpouring of anger and disdappointment as Germany pushed for even harsher austerity measures on Greece even as the country struggles with cash shortages and its banks teeter on the brink of failure.

On top of decrying Germany forcing Greece to acdept stringent cuts to pensions and and tax hikes, it certainly seems to the Greek collective that the EU summit has the ultimate goal of forcing Tsipras to step down. In the light of their unanimous “NO” vote to austerity measures, they are now also calling for #TsiprasLeaveEUSummit.

At present, news sites such as BBC that have been following the negotiations have decided to close pages and updates as talks continue. However, the public still keeps its eyes and ears open for any new development for Greece in the Brussels summit.


An agreement has been reached. There will be no #Grexit. And a number of Greeks are sorely disappointed.

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