Trump Bumper Stickers That You Have To See To Believe

trump bumper stickers

Donald Trump may have inspired more women to keep a little bottle of pepper spray on their key chains, but that’s not the only thing he has managed to accomplish. Our dear president has also encouraged the scum of our country to not only come out of hiding but to take their hateful opinions public, enabling it to spread like smallpox. Smallpox in the form of bumper stickers. These Trump bumper stickers are so ridiculous, you just have to see them to believe them!

Trump That Bitch

trump bumper stickers

Since when is it appropriate to call a presidential candidate a bitch? It’s perfectly okay to have an opinion, but when it comes to politics, it’s usually best to keep comments above the belt. Not only would it make you look more intelligent, but it also gives your opinion some credibility. But, I wouldn’t expect anyone who thought that bumper sticker was a good idea to understand that.

Some Homophobic Creativity

trump bumper stickers

Nothing screams “rear end me” more than this monstrosity. Why people feel like they have a right to dictate how other people lead their lives will forever be beyond me. So much hate in a $2 bumper sticker!

A Chaotic Political Expression

trump bumper stickers

You know there’s something wrong with you when your car looks like a teenage girl’s bedroom walls during her boyband phase. While neither Trump nor Pence would have made my own personal walls growing up, we all have our things. Apparently, the owner of this vehicle’s thing is military men, and I can’t say I blame them. But seriously, if this car doesn’t belong to a teenage girl it would make this collage that much more ridiculous.

Excessive Much?

trump bumper stickers

Apparently, Trump supporters aren’t concerned with sparing a few trees and reducing waste. Either this guy is a fan of the Trump, or he fell into a large supply of Trump bumper stickers that he chose to use to cover his truck’s excessive rust. Also, check out the decal on his rear windshield. Is that quote implying that Trump is some kind of messenger from God? That’s still not nearly as half as bad as the next photo.

Chosen Divine

trump bumper stickers

I’m not even sure if those are even bumper stickers, but I couldn’t create this list without including this woman’s horrendous vehicle. To compare Donald Trump to JESUS is not only absurd but should be considered a sin. He’s not some kind of god or even someone chosen by God. Jesus might stand with you in heaven, but I assure you that Trump will be nowhere in sight.

An Anti-Trump Eff-Bomb

trump bumper stickers

The anti-Trump crowd is no better. This truck’s decals caused quite a stir when it hit the streets, and even caught the attention of a town sheriff. Many people are angry at the alt-right for electing Trump into office, but decorating your car with a bunch of eff-bombs isn’t exactly the best way to express yourself. It’s likely the sheriff who was hunting down the car would agree.

A Little Vulgarity Never Hurt Anyone

trump bumper stickers

So, I love it when people have a vulgar sense of humor, I really do. However, forcing anyone who drives behind this car into an awkward conversation with their kids is pretty messed up. Just imagine how many kids asked why Jesus was running around grabbing pu*sies and what this Putin thing that the president is sucking on is. Not exactly the kind of conversation I want to be having with my kids while I’m driving them to school.

When Liking Nickelback Is An Insult

trump bumper stickers

This is the kind of bumper sticker that is not just anti-Trump, but it’s funny and doesn’t contain any vulgarities. Perfect for those looking to express their dislike for the president without the risk of getting your car vandalized. Poor Nickelback though.

Dating These Days

trump bumper stickers

There’s no question that Trump supporters are having trouble getting laid these days. Who would want to sleep with someone who has been accused of assaulting dozens of women and belittles females on a regular basis? Not a woman with self-respect. So, saying you’re not a Republican is like an aphrodisiac in the single world these days that works more than all of the alcohol is the world. It’s amazing how attractive a man who respects women and their rights can be.

Soviet America

trump bumper stickers

The hammer and the sickle, the symbol found on the official flag for the Soviet Union. The symbol of communism. What makes this bumper sticker so amazing is that a Trump supporter could easily see this in a store and slap in on their car thinking it’s in favor of the president. Especially if they’re unfamiliar with the Soviet Union’s flag, they might interpret the hammer and sickle as a funky font. There’s a 100 percent chance that this has already happened.

A Liberal Countdown

trump bumper stickers

While we certainly don’t need a countdown to depict how many days it has been since Trump embarrassed the United States, every now and then a subtle reminder is nice. Every time Trump opens his mouth, something idiotic seems to come out of it, and his supporters just eat it up. In their defense, it’s not every day that you have a president that brags about how rich he is, all the women he gets, and how large his hands are.

Rooting For A Meteor

You know that American politics have gone downhill when satirical bumper stickers in favor of a giant meteor crashing down to Earth start popping up. If you’re squinting to see the tiny font on the bottom, it reads “Just End It Already,” and it’s just hilarious. The perfect bumper sticker for those who weren’t for either Trump or Hillary! This one definitely needs to be updated for the 2020 election.

When The Alt-Right Go Shopping For Bumper Stickers

trump bumper stickers

Guys, did you know that America commit suicide back in 2008?! We’ve actually been living in a parallel universe these last ten years, which explains why you might wake up each morning thinking that Trump’s presidential win was all just a bad dream. Also, apparently liberalism is a mental disorder, because treating people of all races, genders, and sexual preferences equally is a sign of insanity. I’m going to have to strongly disagree with everything written on this truck. Even this guy’s bumper sticker supporting the police is used as a way to crap all over black people.

Step aside, boys! The alpha women are here to stay!


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