TrintMe Romance App Arrives Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

If you’re single and still looking for a Valentine’s Day date, you might be able to set something up last minute with a new romance/hookup app called TrintMe.

In the same vein as My Love Checker, Let’s Date, and the controversial Bang With Friends, TrintMe is a social app that helps Facebook friends confess their true intentions (trints, get it?) to one another with complete discretion.

Whether you want to hook up for a fling, simply grab a cup of coffee, or dive right in to a relationship, TrintMe lets friends confess their feelings without the fear of rejection or the potential for ruining a friendship.

TrintMe 1

TrintMe is the product of the Babson College Venture accelerator program, and the app has already had a few big wins having nabbed the Big Idea Competition Award and the BETA challenge award. TrintMe is also the subject of a global case study by King’s College in London.

A spokesperson for TrintMe told me that the idea for the app originated from their belief (corroborated by Standford University social psychology professors) that people are growing tired of gaining a ton of friends on Facebook, but not having the opportunity to explore relationship possibilities more quickly and safely.

TrintMe is definitely right on the money in that regard. Bang With Friends is based on the same assumption: That people add each other on Facebook to explore deeper relationship possibilities. While Bang With Friends jumps right to the sex, other apps likes TrintMe explore a variety of potential options.

There’s definitely a market for these apps right now. If you’re a true pick-up artist, you probably don’t even need Facebook. But most everyone else is tired of poking, liking, and replying with wit on status updates hoping something will stick with someone they’re crushing on. Apps like TrintMe let you be proactive and guarantee total discretion by not letting your crush know about your feelings unless they reciprocate.

TrintMe launches on February 14, 2013. You can check out the website, and bookmark the page for when the app goes live here.

Kokou Adzo

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