Train Worker Fired After Making ‘Adult Films’ In Carriages After Hours

adult films

A train employee is under investigation from her company after reportedly shooting adult films on empty train carts after hours.

via Daily; ‘Theresa’ posing in film with uniform

The woman has been dubbed as ‘Theresa W’, who has defended the racy videos, in which she ‘guest appears’ donning her railway uniform. Speaking to newspapers, 33-year-old Theresa has contended the self-made adult films were a ‘private affair’ and thereby she did not require any permission from German railway company DB (her employer). Though, her career in locomotives has since been derailed – as DB has frowned on her ‘alleged behavior’ and declared Theresa no longer works for the business as they investigate what transpired on the night train. The footage is believed to have been recorded on regional trains in eastern Germany, in Saxony-Anhalt.

They have allegedly been uploaded on a porn website, with titles such as ‘Fare Dodger Caught On Lady Ashley’s Train’. In one flick, Theresa poses in her uniform as a dominatrix and scorns a male ‘passenger’, who has skipped paying his fare. In the video she evidently says: “So, my little friend, I’ve caught you. Now I’ll show you what I do with passengers who haven’t paid their fares. Pull your trousers down, I want to see your naked a***!” Theresa, from Halle, then snaps a whip at the fare-jumper. Another movie reportedly watched her invite a random male into the operator’s cab to shoot an erotic scene.

A DB spokeswoman told local news: “The worker in question is no longer employed by us since the start of this year. We do not tolerate her alleged behavior in any way and condemn it in the strongest terms. It is fundamentally not allowed for DB employees to use work clothes, equipment or room space for private or commercial purposes. We are investigating the facts of the case and examining further steps.


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