There’s A New Blanket In Town & Guess What? It Resembles A Tortilla!


We love to wrap ourselves up like them, we love to gobble them up and now we can purchase a blanket that looks precisely like our beloved Mexican snack.

via Twitter; Burrito baby, baby!

Welcome to the times where not only can we consume tortillas but now we can procure a blanket that looks just like one. The hullabaloo began when u/Kotaay posted a series of photos that displayed just how ideal this blanket is for burrito admirers such as ourselves. These images then caused Reddit users globally to go bonkers for this blanket. Can you blame them, though? Not at all!

After these pics were posted users then started to seek a website that carried this zany product. But, after numerous threads it became evident that it was sold out on both Ebay and Amazon. Before you start feeling you missed your chance to transform into a human sized burrito, we were able to uncover a parallel version on Etsy. So no worries, there is still time to get down with this funky trend. The version of Etsy’s blanket is 60 inches in width and 60 inches in length. It is too made with polyester, microfiber and cotton. The most invigorating part is you can order a kids size one as well!

Yes, that’s right – you can wrap up your baby into a small baby burrito. How cute! If you love the sound of this, the kids’ version is 36 inches in width and 36 inches in length. It is too made with microfiber, cotton and polyester. These blankets are awesome for plays dates, taco Tuesdays, or even movie nights. They are wide enough to support all your burrito desires and long enough so you will never get cold.


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