Watch Tiny Hamsters Eat Tiny Burritos [Video]

hamster eating burrito

There are certain things in life you didn’t know you needed until just after you get them. Example: a video of tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos.

Hello Denzien, a new comedy troupe, posted a video to Youtube that went viral in under two days. How you ask? It combined two of the internet’s most prized possessions: cute animals and food.

“Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos – Episode 1” is a minute and a half of pure joy. Over 2.5 million views with 33,000+ thumbs up and 500 hateful people who don’t like food or cute animals that pushed thumbs down.

Actor Farley Elliot plays a chef precisely constructing a burrito with tiny food, put in a tiny tortilla, put on a tiny table, surrounded by tiny decorations. Nervously watching the hamster crawl towards the table and sit down for elegant cuisine, Elliot places the burrito in front of the hamster and all cuteness breaks lose.

This hamster INHALES that burrito. Sniffs and just pushes it down. There is no waiting when burritos are involved, small or large. Same with the second burrito, bye bye.

The video’s description sums up the video nicely: “Sometimes love is best expressed through tiny food.”

Hello Denzien plans to put up videos once a month that focus on visual humor. Who is excited for the next one? Share your comments below.

[Photo credit: Youtube]


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