Ex Chef Becomes Millionaire By Sharing Fitness Pics On Instagram


Jem Wolfie has 2.6 million Instagram followers and claims she makes up to $30,000 a day selling videos and photos on subscription site, OnlyFans.

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After completing high school and taking an apprenticeship, the 27-year-old started working 70 hour weeks as a chef. Though, she eventually became disenchanted and began pursuing basketball seriously, hooping in the WABL (Western Australia Basketball League). However in 2015, this path was derailed when she endured a serious knee injury. In the midst of her rehab, she began posting videos online, and their craze swiftly ballooned. Now, she has accumulated a substantial following online and still frequently shares videos of b-ball trick-shots. She’s too earning way more money than she ever has, so maybe that knee injury wasn’t so tragic after all.

Speaking to local news, Wolfie stated: “I started posting a lot of workout videos on Instagram, not only to motivate myself to get better and work out more often, but hopefully to inspire others to do the same. There are a lot of squats, I know what my audience wants to see. You can never skip leg day. I could have always been just a fitness chick but I had to stand out and be different, plus I was always passionate about basketball, so that was always going to be a part of my social media.”

She continued: “People complain and say ‘Where’s the nudity’, but where are you going to go from there – you’ll be in full-blown porn before you know it. I guess how I look on the outside has helped my career a lot, I can’t deny that. But I have a line for OnlyFans and I have a line for Instagram because I believe that there’s a certain amount that should never been shown, and I keep that for a potential partner I’d be with. Anyone who tries to make me think I’m being exploited or objectified is so f*cking wrong, that’s not how it is because I’m empowered and I’m the one making these choices with a strategy in mind.”


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