Boy ‘Fakes’ Being Rich On IG And Is Stunned By How Uncomplicated It Is


One YouTuber aimed to pose as a millionaire ‘influencer’ and claims he was astonished by the result, stating it was much easier than anticipated.

via YouTube; Byron Denton, 19, fakes it ’til he makes it

Byron Denton, from London, who’s behind the channel tbhbyron, spent seven days posting and editing pics on his Instagram account, including one image of him kicking back on his own private jet – which garnered 1,000 likes in a mere seven seconds.

Other photographs he posted displayed him donning ‘designer’ clothes, when in reality he had photoshopped logos from luxury name brands like Off-White and Balenciaga onto plain t-shirts. Denton explained in a video posted to his channel, exactly how he used apps such as PicsArt and FaceTune, as well as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to adhere the finishing touches to his pictures in an effort to bamboozle his followers into believing he had abruptly come into a lot of cash.

And tricked they were, as the 19-year-old alleged that most followers appeared to believe him, with his IG posts reeling in thousands of likes and comments, groveling over his outfits. “I did this to try and compare whether wearing designer items would actually encourage people to like your photos or not, so if we go back to a photo I posted on 1 December, wearing a semi-cute outfit, kinda basic but still kinda cute, this actually ended up getting 2,234 likes, 44 comments and 113 profile visits,” said Denton.

“But in comparison to me wearing a designer top or designer shoes, the likes I got on those photos even though it’s still an outfit of a day though, just of me wearing a certain outfit, just doesn’t contain any designer, to then be pulling 12,000 likes, so that’s like 10,000 more people clicking the like button of me wearing designer, just because I’m wearing designer.”


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