TopCom Aims To Be First Social Network For World Leaders

TopCom and World Leaders

Indian-born businessman Vivek Ranadivé is a published New York Times bestseller and now he’s taking his knowledge of social media and world events to the web through the creation of TopCom, the first private social network geared towards a meeting place for world leaders.

According to Vivek the site will combine Facebook, Twitterd, E-Mail, Texting and Skype into a singular system that allows for engagement on a whole new level.

The website will launch at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos next week in the hopes of attracting the world’s most powerful politicians, business people and other powerful dignitaries.

The hopes of the site is that the top 200 world leaders will communicate directly through the service which is being touted as “ridiculously secure.”

In the meantime the TopCom website has received the full support of WEF founder Klaus Schwab who cited the example of the Japanese Prime Minister, who could use it to raise awareness and get help in the event of another tsunami.

Japanese prime minister Yoshihiko Noda can post a video of himself — viewable only by the top two hundred — asking for help because a major earthquake has caused a tsunami that’s approaching his country.

Minutes later, Schwab would see the message and call for an immediate videoconference among the appropriate world leaders to get Japan aid in the quickest way.

CEOs of companies that have facilities near the impact site — there’s a Nissan plant close by, for example — could join forces for evacuation and figure out how to address interruptions to their supply chains.

It turns out that Prime Minister Noda was actually consulted by Tibco when the system was being constructed.

If the site is successful and attracts top leaders from around the world it will be interesting to see how it would be monetized with just several hundred leaders using the program.

Do you think a TopCom website is a smart move or is it begging for hackers to come calling?


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