Toddler Leaps From Top Bunk While Imitating Parents TikTok Video


A chilling video has surfaced displaying a toddler leaping from the top bunk whilst trying to imitate his dad and mom, who were taping for a TikTok video.

via Instagram; Sveta Ananas and Andrei Bonor with their two children

Gabriel Bonor, 3, at his family home was standing on the top bunk whilst his mother and father (Andrei Bonor and Sveta Ananas) were filming a playful clip for the social media video app TikTok. The logic for the TikTok video was that Ananas would leap into Bonor’s arms and it would be recorded in slow motion. The issue was, as soon as Ananas hopped into the air, the Knievel baby chose to follow suit. Gabriel crouched down and hurled himself head first from the peak height of the bunk beds! It’s alarming to watch, despite the child clearly appearing to be having the time of his short life.

Of course – this is on the worldwide web, after all – the baby’s parents have endured some pretty rigid criticism for their behavior. One internet user stated: “Wow! That poor kid. Parents are too self-absorbed that they neglect their child. The child may have had a smile on his face, but this doesn’t excuse the parents being neglectful. What if your son really injured himself? Shame on both of you.” Well, it’s quite challenging to maintain a watchful eye over your baby the entire time, especially if they’re about to attempt something amazingly unpredictable like – say – launch themselves from a towering height. Additionally, the baby appeared to have a grand time; which is what matters most, right?

To see baby Gabriel fly off the top bunk bed à la Superman, click HERE.


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