Woman Locates Missing Husband On TikTok After 3 Years


In 2016, Suresh (a native of Tamil Nadu), abandoned his two kids and wife. His spouse, however, unearthed him recently on video-sharing app TikTok.

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In an odd turn of events, a ‘missing’ husband was compelled to return home after his family sighted him in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu in a TikTok video. Suresh, a Krishnagiri native was wed to Jayapradha and the pair had two children. Suresh turned around and abandoned his family in 2016 with no plans of returning. Jayapradha filed a complaint with law enforcement after she consorted with Suresh’s relatives and friends. The cops registered an FIR, however there were no deeper developments to the case. A few weeks ago, a family member of Jayapradha came across a man in a TikTok video similar to Suresh. She reached out to Jayapradha who confirmed it was her spouse. Jayapradha contacted police officers who tracked down her estranged husband in Hosur.

Accordant to the authorities, Suresh deserted his family due to particular problems and in Hosur began working as a mechanic. He was too in a kinship with a trans woman who was in the TikTok footage with him. The cops traced Suresh with the assistance of an NGO who works for the well-being of transgenders. The police officers have counselled Jayapradha and Suresh and conveyed them back home. And frankly, it’s no surprise Jayapradha discovered her hubby on TikTok because the app ranks higher than Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter in regards of active monthly users; for there are approx 500,000,000 TikTok active monthly users worldwide.


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