This Woman is Begging For Help Dealing with Her Roommate’s Creepy Obsession

This Woman is Begging For Help Dealing with Her Roommate's Creepy Obsession

We’ve all heard tales of terrible neighbors and bizarre roommates, but this woman’s new dorm buddy has left her fearing for her life. A college student begged for advice from Slate’s agony aunt Prudence after discovering her roommate had decorated their shared room with pictures of famous serial killers.

Clearly, the unnamed student has missed out on the latest surge of true crime documentaries, as she initially believed her hipster roommate ‘Leanne’ had stuck pictures of “indie rock stars” to her wall, rather than famous murderers.

Imagine her shock when a friend came to visit and pointed out that the posters were actually of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and Ted Bundy.

This Woman is Begging For Help Dealing with Her Roommate's Creepy Obsession
Source: Sputnik International

“I freaked out and asked Leanne to take them down, but she refuses. She won’t explain why she put the pictures up, which also freaks me out,” she wrote.

“I hate looking at pictures of these evil people and have been spending nights in my friends’ dorms. I have to wait to transfer rooms until there’s an opening. Leanne and I barely talk now.

“I’m not someone who enjoys horror films, and I get scared easily. I want to be comfortable in my room, and I’m not sure how to do that. Am I being immature for not getting over this?”

Fortunately, Prudence seemed to agree that the student shouldn’t have to stay in a room with serial killers on the walls, and suggested getting her school’s housing office involved if the situation didn’t improve.

A Woman is Begging For Help Dealing with Her Roommate's Creepy Obsession
Source: All That is Interesting

Unsurprisingly, the agony aunt wasn’t the only one appalled by the student’s story.

One commenter pointed out how serioulsy ‘effed up it is to glorify serial killers: “I doubt I would want horror movie posters up in my dorm room, but at least that’s someone appreciating a form of art.

“This smacks of appreciating actual murderers, which is highly creepy.”

With another suggested she retaliate with images of the killers’ victims to show the horrifying reality of the murders.

A third chimed in with: “Serial killers are disturbing (they unquestionably are, it’s just that some people like being disturbed like that), it is entirely reasonable to request not to have to be confronted by disturbing things in your home.”

This Woman is Begging For Help Dealing with Her Roommate's Creepy Obsession

However, some thought that the student was overreacting by writing in, with one saying: “It seems like these are pretty bland head shots that the letter writer is now granting evil super powers from beyond the grave. They’re paper.

“She’s giving them way too much power over her. No one would blink if the roommate had put up horror movie monsters or villains, or had an obsession with crime novels.”

Sorry, but Ed Gein’s face would definitely keep us up at night.

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