This Unofficial Sequel To Despacito May Actually Be Better Than The Original

Photo by YouTube/FlyingKitty

Last year was a good one and it bore witness to a lot of hip and fresh new things in pop culture. Who could forget 2017’s memes, most popular artists, and most controversial topics? Above all though, who could forget the song Despacito by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee.

It can be recalled that this particular song took the world by storm. Whether it is the catchy rhythm and harmony between rap and pop, or the suave Peurto Rican Spanish accent, there is no denying Despacito is a modern music marvel.

Now, a certain YouTuber named FlyingKitty tops it off with an unofficial sequel. At the time of writing, Despacito 2 from the said author has around 1.4 million views and counting. Pretty impressive for someone like FlyingKitty whose subscriber count is around 472,000.

How does it measure up to the original you say? Well, you be the judge, here it is:

What? Not quite what you expected? Well we can’t all have suave Spanish accents and singing voices now, can we? Though if you practice hard enough you might be able to come up with Despacito 3, but I digress. Regardless, there’s no denying that Flying Kitty’s effort is quite admirable and the fruit of love. Love for what, you ask? Memes, primarily by the looks of it.

Photo by YouTube/FlyingKitty

Whether it is better than the original or not, the views speak for themselves. Of course, the original Despacito music video on YouTube is now at 5.2 billion. So if you want Despacito 2 to top the original, start ravaging that replay button.

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