Peter Yarrow Serenades Us With “The Colonoscopy Song”

It’s time to put on your grown-up pants, lie back, and tune in. You”ll never look at another colonoscopy session the same way again.

Peter Yarrow, folk singer, social activist, and one third of the 60’s folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary has teamed up with CBS to sing about the joys, triumphs, and importance of getting your colonoscopy done.

Yessiree, dear readers. It gives Peter great joy to tell you to have your bum and large intestine inspected thoroughly by a camera under the careful scrutiny of your doctor. He himself undertook the endeavor, and is proud to say his doctor says his colon “won first prize”.

Truly, only Peter Yarrow can take a topic as unusual and, uh, clinically intimate as this and turn it into something that gives you warm and fuzzy feelings.

Listen to “The Colonoscopy Song” below:

So what exactly is a colonoscopy good for, and what happens during a session? This procedure is done to check the inner lining of your colon to make sure it’s healthy and disease-free. It’s also used as a screening test to check for cancer or pre-cancerous growths inside your intestine and colon.

6079487756_96b1f6d0f4_oDuring a colonoscopy, your doctor instructs you to lie down, usually on your side, and uses a long, thin flexible tube with a tiny camera on it’s end called a colonoscope. The doctor eases the said tube into your rectum, and via a monitor and the camera, inspects the insides of your large intestine and colon for polyps, tumors, ulcers, inflammation, or bleeding. Your doctor might also take tissue samples for testing, or even remove a polyp or two.

However, it’s not all fun and games and hi-tech equipment up your backdoor. Getting a colonoscopy will mean prepping for it two days before the procedure, and this will mean staying on a clear liquid diet to clean your intestines out. The prep will often mean, diarrhea or loose bowels to flush out whatever solids you still might have in your digestive track. Don’t even start thinking about the hinger you might feel during the procedure. But it’s all worth it when your doctor finally gives you a clean bill of health, and calls your colon “quite cool.”

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