This Roast Crocodile Delicacy Will Have You Torn Whether It Is Delicious Or Scary

Photo by YouTube/MatiBoy Video Compilation

There are lots of bizarre foods out there which are unique to every culture. However, most of them seem to not taste delicious because of their cooking method or unusual ingredients. Take for example the haggis from Scotland which is pudding made from sheep’s organs, or the infamous soup no. 5 from the Philippines which is a soup made from a bull’s testicles or penis. It’s okay, let that image sink in.

Photo by Reel and Grill

However, there is one bizarre food from the Philippines as well which may actually look and taste good. At the same time, it is also nightmare-inducing. Check out the spit-roasted crocodile, or in the Filipino native tongue, crocodile lechon.

Photo by YouTube/Best Ever Food Review Show

Now the word lechon actually means roasted in the Philippines. Also, lechon is usually roast pig which is not bizarre in itself and is actually a sumptuous festival or party delicacy:

Photo by YouTube/Best Ever Food Review Show

So, a crocodile lechon is lechon made out of crocodile, courtesy of a crocodile park in the province of Davao, Philippines. Before you get worried, they only roast crocodiles which are not endangered. Here is a special feature for the crocodile lechon courtesy of Sonny Side of Best Ever Food Review Show from YouTube:

There are certain differences from the roast pig, of course, such as the lack of skin from the crocodile lechon, save for that head. However, Sonny and the owner of the establishment did state that the crocodile skin was edible once roasted. Now, we don’t know about you, but that is probably a better use for crocodile skin than being made into a Loius Vuitton bag. So what do you think of the crocodile lechon? Feel free to discuss below.

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