This Man Eluded Police On His Motorcycle, Watch The YouTube Video That Led To His Arrests

Right up there with winning the lottery and injecting heroin, escaping the police in a high speed chase has to be one of the most exhilarating feelings that I will probably never experience. It is probably best to  not ruin it by posting the video on YouTube.

That is what one man allegedly did, after escaping from the police and capturing the event on a camera attached to his motorcycle.  Two years ago, Hamza Ali Ben Ali was arrested for intentionally getting police to chase him while he drove his motorcycle at high speeds. He allegedly posted the video, which you can watch above, that shows him lead police on a chase before ditching them at high speeds. The camera is placed on the back of the bike, so you can see the police cars struggle and then fail at keeping up with the suspect.

The video doesn’t show Ben Ali on the bike and as the defense tried to argue, that doesn’t prove that he was actually riding the bike. However, Ben Ali was facing deportation and had a GPS anklet attached to him as part of his condition for bond. The authorities used the data gathered from that device to prove that it was Ben Ali on the bike at the time. The anklet also tracked the speed of the device, and clocked him at over 115 mph. It was that device that prosecutors used to prove that he was in fact the driver. Ben Ali was found guilty last month.

The prosecution has reportedly said it will seek a prison sentence for Ben Ali. He also faces similar charges in another county.



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