This is What Canadian Road Rage Looks Like [Video]

TORONTO, Canada (CBS) —  It’s good to be Canadian, eh? Public healthcare, Kevin Smith movies, Tim Horton’s, and—as seen in this viral video—friendly cops. Here’s the situation: a CBS news reporter was interviewing an Ontario police officer when a road rage incident broke out right behind them.

CBC’s Neil Herland was speaking with OPP Const. Graham Williamson about a fatal car accident that took place on a nearby overpass in Black Creek Drive, Toronto. Suddenly, shouting interrupted the interview, and CBS camerawoman Tyna Poulin was quick to capture the incident unfold.

“There’s a road rage incident, just right there,” Herland told the officer, who paused the conversation like a parent would when two kids are acting up. He started yelling at two men who appeared to be getting a little too macho with each other.

“Hey! Get back in the car,” Williamson yelled. “Both of you, grow up!”

His words were effective. The two men backed away from each other, and eventually they got back in their cars and kept moving. According to CBS, it’s unclear what sparked the confrontation. In the video, the two cars appear dangerously close together.

Watch the whole incident unfold here:

In the U.S., this situation would probably have unfolded differently. There would be more guns, for one. That cop would have probably barricaded himself atop the bridge, called for back-up and sparked a turf war between drivers and police, culminating in massive nation-wide protests that ultimately do nothing. But in Canada? A fatherly “grow up!” and “everybody wins!” does the trick just fine.

Then again, Canada is also full of bears, rabid hockey fans, and Justin Bieber. The U.S. has all those things, too. But we have  more guns to protect us.

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