This Instagram Takes A Look At Public Transit Seats From Around The World

public transit seats

The Instagram user behind “idontgiveaseat,” actually does. A lot, really. French film director, Julien Potart, is the creator of the unusual Instagram page that features pictures of the patterns on different public transit seats. For almost two years now, Potart has been taking pictures from buses, trains and subways from around the world.

“The idea came while I was on various work trips, or when I was on vacation. I noticed that every bus and subway car had its own seat motif. I really liked getting lost in thought as I contemplated these patterns,” Potart told HuffPost France. “So that’s why I decided to take photos and collect them. It’s a way for me to pay tribute to these ‘seat-artists.’”

With pictures from Rome, Los Angeles and even Tokyo, Potart says one of his favorite patterns comes from Kyoto, Japan. The sand colored fabric is decorated with images of women, children and handicapped individuals to point out priority seating.

“I like them because, besides looking nice, they’re also informative,” he says.

In the beginning, Potart was taking most of the pictures by himself. Eventually, his friends starting sending pictures to him when they were traveling. Now, strangers from all around the world send in their snapshots too.

“That’s what I like about this: it’s a collaborative project. I can’t do it on my own, I can’t collect every seat pattern in the world. So I need help from everybody, all over the world.”

So, next time you are wasting time on your morning commute. Snap a shot of the seat’s fabric. You could be featured on Instagram or be the creepy guy in the subway taking pictures of empty seats.

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