Russia And The Kremlin Say Trump’s Invitation Isn’t Happening

The Kremlin has commented on Donald Trump's invitation to espionage that is being damned by all of his constituents.

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While the Democrats were trying to sort out their own problems in Philadelphia this past week, Donald Trump was trying to steal some of the spotlight. And he did, in a press conference on Wednesday Trump openly invited Russia to find the rest of the Hillary Clinton’s emails that were not released. This comes on the heels of the hack into the DNC’s private emails that the organization was blaming on Russian hackers. Though that link is not perfectly upheld and the Kremlin has denied any involvement. Here’s a video released by the New York Times that covers some of Trump’s alleged open invitation to espionage.

Trump’s announcement has been condemned by everybody including his running mate, Mike Pence, who said that there will be serious consequences if the Kremlin is found responsible for the hacks. A host of other politicians and news personalities, on both sides of the isle have responded negatively to the comment. Trump has since stated that the comments were “sarcastic” but I can’t tell anymore with that guy.

Here’s what the ghostwriter of “The Art of the Deal” (who has been very vocal against Trump) had to say about Trump’s comments and his attempt to distance himself from them.

While the Kremlin couldn’t be reached for comment by the news outlets searching for a follow-up on the DNC’s claims, they have since commented on Trump’s invitation to espionage. According to Reuters, a Kremlin spokesperson said that Russia was unmoved by Trump’s comment and that they remain neutral in US elections.

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