This Is What Happens When You Microwave a Microwave

The internet has taken to some odd trends over the years, from the joys of watching things explode in ultra HD, slow-motion to pouring ice water over our heads to seemingly cure illnesses, one thing the internet doesn’t lack is diversity and originality.

For a perfect example of this, look to the trend of people microwaving strange things and filming it that has popped up all over the interwebs in the last decade. The real truth is, this hobby of microwaving things you shouldn’t has existed since the first days of the microwave. We are just finally at a point technologically where we can all finally film the results. This brings us to our most meta, internet video moment yet.

Here, you’ll see what happens when you microwave a microwave. Pretty sure the world implodes but maybe I am off on this one:

Man, science, you’re the coolest. Thank you for reminding me my microwave is just a tiny radiation chamber we cook food (and sometimes other microwaves) inside.

And kids, don’t try this at home (but if you do at least film the results).




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