This Cute Toy Dog Has A Beard That Puts Hipsters To Shame

Photo by Instagram/petite.griffon.nuts

Ah, hipsters, they are the ones partly responsible for the sudden popularity of styled beards. A lot of men who could not even grow facial hair opted to spend thousands of dollars on beard transplants. However, this topic is not about hipsters, but rather how one majestic dog puts their beards to shame.

Photo by Bored Panda

Meet Nuts, a dog which is sure to make a lot of men jealous given how fabulous his beard is, take a look:

Nuts is a toy dog breed called Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon, named after Brussels, Belgium, their city of origin. Griffon dogs apparently all sport beards and what appear to be extended facial hairs. However, among them, Nuts probably has the wisest and the most stylish. There are other Griffons which sport beards, but none as majestic as Nuts.’

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Hence, Nuts made her mommy and owner Tatiana Kovalenok quite proud where she even made an Instagram account for the wise doggo. As for Nuts’ age, he is actually not that old, in fact, he is still young in dog years, and is just 2-years-old in human years. That beard sure does make him look like a gentlemanly gramps.


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Because of his beard and mustache, Nuts has also been called a lot of things by people who are amazed by him. He often gets referred to as a hipster and a mini-Chewbacca. Tatiana also claimed that there was no special treatment or anything needed for a beard like that, they just let Nuts’ beard grow and trim it only once a year, take note hipsters.

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