This Canadian Drink Is Served With Severed Human Toes, And Yes, People Drink It

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Let us all raise a toe for Canada, home to the most polite people on the planet, at least according to the internet. However, your perception of the country might change once you hear about one of their drinks, specifically served in a small town in Yukon, with human toes inside them nonetheless.

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It is a real drink, do be polite and don’t step on the Canadian people’s toes, you might want to try drinking them instead. They call it Sourtoe Cocktail, and it will surely make your body tingle from head to toe (badum tss). One YouTuber named Tom Scott was brave enough to check out the esteemed bar serving the drink and try out the Sourtoe Cocktail for himself even. Check out his video below.

As you can see in the video, it’s a toe-tal doozy. Of course, the Sourtoe Cocktail has one of the most interesting stories for a hard drink. The first toe actually belonged to a miner and rum runner named Louie Liken whose frostbitten toe had to be amputated. Liken thought to leave his toe preserved in a jar of alcohol back in the 1920s in his cabin. More than five decades later, Yukon local Captain Dick Stevenson found the jar containing the toe while cleaning the same cabin.

Photo by Atlas Obscura

In 1973, Stevenson started daring people to put it in their liquor and drink them, and since then, the deed and the drink became a tradition in Yukon.

Photo by Atlas Obscura

As for the Sourtoe Cocktail Club in the present day, they seem to be safe and even pass regular health inspections. Their supply of amputated toes come from donations and are preserved quite well by the looks of it. So if you’re ever down in Yukon Canada, make sure to try the Sourtoe Cocktail if it’s not toe much for you.

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