Amy Schumer Isn’t Happy With Glamour Magazine But She’s Stepped On Some Toes

Amy Schumer is angry with Glamour Magazine about being deemed as "plus sized" but a lot of the internet has turned against her.

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian who hosts her own show called Inside Amy Schumer, but recently she’s been making news for her spat with Glamour Magazine. She was included in the first ever plus size edition of the magazine entitled “Chic at any Size” and while the fight against singling women out as plus-sized is admirable, many people are saying that Schumer handled it the wrong way.

In the issue, Amy Schumer was included with stars Adele and Melissa McCarthy as “Women Who Inspire Us”. Instead of championing body image and acceptance Shumer was mad that the fashion magazine had the audacity to deem her a “plus size”. After all, she claims, she’s only a size 8 at the largest.

So the difference between somebody like Amy Schumer and Adele or Ashley Graham is that Adele and Ashley Graham own their plus sized image. Graham is the gorgeous plus-sized model who was recently featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Internet wondergirl Ijeoma Oluo put it clearly when she said about Schumer “there’s nothing wrong with being assosiated as ‘plus size’ because ‘plus size’ isn’t a f****ng insult.”

Shumer fired back at the haters who said that she handled the situation wrong with a tweet about her feelings on being called “plus sized”.

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