These Celebrities’ First Tweets Are Utter Perfection

There’s nothing quit as nerve-wracking as conjuring your your very first tweet. Then again, you can always just go the same way these celebrities did with their own tweets. Because really, Sending out your first 140-character signal to create your very first sound bite that could possibly brand you as such in the face of millions and millions of potential followers? No big deal, right? Soooo no big deal at all.

Is it me you’re looking for?

Neil Patrick Harris has got this Twitter game down to an art on the very first try.

We’re not so sure about that, Jerry.

Close enough, Pink, close enough.

Oooh, is that a sharp suit and a pair of pants that make your booty look good, or… oh, forget it, we’re just really happy to see you.

And this was the beginning of many hilarious tweets with Ellen.

Like a tender, vestal virgin heroine of your favorite romance novel.

John Cleese, in the house! *throws confetti all around*

We’re sure you’ll figure it out eventually.

Sure, just remember to wash… your … hands?!

You do you, Anna. No one does it better.

RDJ looks like he’s waiting for the bro fist-bump from the Internet.


Just breathe, Conan; deep, slow breaths, nice and easy.



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