These 5 Workplace Quips Need To Retire


Hey, cubicle workers, we feel you. The workplace on its own can be a pretty soul-crushing place to spend majority of your waking hours.  Day in day out, you do your best to get your tasks done, tick off every item on your to-do list, and somehow manage to chip away at that enormous pile of work that never seems to recede. Your bosses have got their eyes on you, and you’ve got to make quota. And then, some random coworker — or maybe someone not so random, like your boss — swings by your station and drops one of the most inane and hackneyed phrases you’ve heard for the nth time running.

It just makes you just want to punch something, but doing so would result in a memo and perhaps some mandatory seminar on the destruction of company property.

So we propose an end to the top 5 most annoying phrases ever heard in the workplace t the start of 2016. Trust us, you’ll want to see these phrases finally go into permanent retirement.


  1. “Working hard, or hardly working?”

Can you please. Not. Say that. We’re all taking care of our ends here,  and it’s not really cool or even productive to question one’s productivity by cheekily prodding at one’s work ethic. You won’t feel good if the question were turned on you.

2. “At the end of the day…”

… I’m already dreaming in slow motion sequence of exactly what I’m going to do — pack up, clock out, and drive home into the ready arms of my favorite drink, snack, and Netflix. Congratulations, the phrase already has us mentally checking out so often that we really don’t care anymore about whatever point you’re trying to make us remember. Just stop.

3. “Let’s take it offline.”

Oh, so you want me to not have an electronic record of something you’re going to say about our boss or teammates that could very possibly be incriminating, slanderous, or just downright nasty? Suuuuuure.

4. “Can you do me a favor?”

If your my co-worker, yes, this would indeed be a favor. This means reserve the right to say Yes or No to it, and you’ll owe me one in the future, so yeah, you’re using the phrase right. If you’re my boss and you use this phrase on me to give me  task to handle, I really can’t say No to it without risking my job or good standing, now can I?

5. “Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.”

Oh, boohoo, poor me, I have a chronic case of Mondayitis Suckotosis, get a medic here stat. Look, this like may have worked well in the movie, but this phrase is so old hat, its driving us nuts. Yes, Mondays can feel terrible, so rather than pointing and laughing, why not do something about it and just make it better for everyone? If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all. Your coworkers will thank you for it.

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