‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Title Revealed

Walking Dead

AMC’s most popular series, ‘The Walking Dead’ has inspired a spinoff, which will premiere later this year. Very few details were known about the companion show. Known only by the code world ‘Cobalt’, the creator has officially announced the show’s title.

Creator Robert Kirkman broke the exciting news via Twitter.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ has already been confirmed for two seasons. The storyline will be similar to ‘The Walking Dead’ but the setting will be different. The new show will be set in Los Angeles, unlike the original that takes place on the East coast.

Six one-hour episodes will begin in the summer of 2015. Season 2 will begin in 2016.

There is very little known about the show at this point, but the first trailer will air during the upcoming finale of ‘The Walking Dead.’

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