The Top 10 Most Tweeted News Sites In The UK

BBC News

Twitter has evolved into one of the more popular ways for people to get news, and new data from PeerIndex found the most tweeted news sites in the UK.

The social analytics company analyzed several million UK Twitter accounts, examining tweets and retweets shared in January.

Here were the top 10 news sites based on total number of tweets:

  • BBC News – 4,265,000
  • Guardian – 2,423,000
  • Telegraph – 913,000
  • Independent – 616,000
  • Daily Mail – 453,000
  • Mirror – 452,000
  • New York Times – 329,000
  • Sky News – 319,000
  • Huffington Post – 422,000
  • Buzzfeed – 235,000

According to PeerIndex, it’s estimated that tweets mentioning BBC content saw around 100 billion impressions on Twitter.

The Guardian saw over double the amount of tweets of any other newspaper, and despite it coming in second place, it had the best sharing rate.

On average, The Guardian saw 140 shares for every 1,000 monthly visitors, compared to The Telegraph and The Independent’s 90 shares per 1,000 monthly visitors.

From PeerIndex:

“Having an explicit strategy that drives readers to recommend and share your content is going to be crucial part of the news organisation’s agenda. It’s clear that one can explicitly improve the sharing rates, as we see such wide variation by looking at Twitter sharing by UK audiences. A systematic data driven approach to what works and what doesn’t can illuminate the correct strategy.”

In January, we took a look at the top 10 most tweeted newspapers in the US, with The Washington Post taking the number one spot.

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