The Washington Post The Most Popular US Newspaper Site On Twitter

The Washington Post

The Washington Post was acquired in August 2013 by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and according to new data from Searchmetrics, it’s the most popular U.S. newspaper site on Twitter.

Searchmetrics analyzed tweets mentioning 10 different newspapers on Twitter, and here were the results:

  • Washington Post – 275,193 tweets per week
  • New York Times – 261,422 tweets per week
  • USA Today – 149,960 tweet per week
  • Wall Street Journal – 134,248 tweets per week
  • Los Angeles Times – 118,911 tweets per week
  • New York Daily News – 51,877 tweets per week
  • Chicago Tribune – 17,777 tweets per week
  • New York Post – 13,532 tweets per week
  • Denver Post – 8,887 tweets per week
  • Chicago Sun-Times – 4,982 tweets per week

When it came to the most-tweeted stories of 2013, USA Today took the number one spot. However, The Washington Post dominated the top five with four spots.

Here were the most-tweeted news stories of 2013:

Which news story grabbed your attention the most in 2013?

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