The Rise And Fall Of Zynga: Users Disappear As Revenue Plummets

Zynga Rise and Fall Over The Years

At the height of its success in 2012 social gaming network Zynga commanded the attention of 306 million users. By June 2013 the social gaming networks user base had plummeted to 187 million monthly active users. Based on those numbers Zynga’s daily active users was halved from 72 million in June 2012 to 39 million by June 2013.

The team at Statista took a close look at Zynga’s rise and fall to determine how its user base skyrocketed only to plummet after various failed game attempts.

Over the last year Zynga has closed down design offices, fired employees, and dissolved its exclusive deal to serve Facebook games. Most recently Zynga dropped out of the real money gambling space and was quickly replaced by RealNetworks.

With Mark Pincus stepping down as CEO and Don Mattrick taking over the role Zynga has promised to get “back to basics.” Last week Zynga reported its quarterly earnings and subsequently lost 14 percent of its stock value overnight. Zynga has now lost 70 percent of its market share.

Take a look at the chart below for a closer look at Zynga’s daily and monthly user rollercoaster and its rise and fall in revenue.

Zynga Rise and FallDo you think Zynga under Don Mattrick can regain its former glory?



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