Zynga Sues Bang With Friends, Claims Trademark Infringement

Bang With Friends Sued By Zynga

You can’t do anything “with Friends” unless you get permission from the blowhards at Zynga. The stupendously failing company has filed a lawsuit against the creators of Bang with Friends. Zynga claims that Bang With Friends is in direct violation of the company’s “with Friends” trademark.

In the complaint Zynga lawyers says the company chose the name “for its casual sex matchmaking app with Zynga’s game trademarks fully in mind.”

Because nobody in the history of the world has ever said “I’m going out with friends for the night” or “I would rather be hanging out with friends.” Zynga as we all know invented the phrase. No … wait … some moron at the trademark office just felt it was unique enough to gain approval.

Zynga’s first “with Friends” game launched in 2009 when Words With Friends hit the open market and became a smash hit. Over time Zynga has watched its social gaming empire company falter as newer and more innovative company’s have flooded the emerging social games market. Bang With Friends in comparison was launched in 2012.

Zynga wants us to stop banging friends and has asked for a court order to that end. Oh yeah they also asked for unspecified damages.

We have reached out to our contacts at Bang With Friends for more details.

James Kosur

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