The #Oranje Gets Out of This World Incentive if They Win the #WorldCup


The Dutch national team is one of the favorites to win the World Cup, and their countrymen are definitely backing them up. Not only via chants, cheers, and all around morale boosting, but also with something concrete that will blow anyone out of this world. Quite literally, too.

Dutch space travel company SXC has given The Oranje an offer they can’t refuse: a trip to space, making each and every Dutch national team member an astronaut. Every other team’s incentive doesn’t hold a candle to this now!

Of course, The Oranje have to win the World Cup first.

According to SXC Co-Founder Michiel Mol:

Being a Dutch firm, we feel extremely proud of our team’s current achievements in Brazil. The breathtaking goal of Robin van Persie, and all newspaper headlines about ‘The Flying Dutchman’ have inspired us to also do something extra. We will literally try to take them to the next level; 103 km. The whole selection of 23 players and of course Louis van Gaal.

Oh, and they have to beat Argentina first  tonight. So, Dutch fans, give all your good vibes to your team – they can be astronauts for life if they get through this!

In the meantime, make sure your Twitter account doesn’t use World Cup logos as the FIFA doesn’t have anything better to do than to send takedown requests it seems.

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