The Newest Donald Trump Twitter Hashtag Is The Best One Yet

The Donald Trump Twitter presence is increasing with the new hashtag dedicated to the comb-over king.

In the past few months Donald Trump has overtaken Kanye as the king of Twitter, and the newest Donald Trump Twitter hashtag, #saferthanatrumprally, is one of the more hilarious tributes to his reign. The hashtag started trending yesterday and quickly hit off, garnering more than 35k tweets and reminding us how witty the internet can be in under 140 characters.

The Donald’s rallies have gotten a lot of media attention, there are reports of fights, the rally in Chicago was called off when protestors swarmed and most recently a Trump supporter was charged with slapping a police horse in the face.

Some of the Tweets had a more political feel to them.

We finally have to come to grips with the fact that barring some sort of Republican coup, Mr. Tiny Fingers is going to be the nominee. What seemed laughable only a few months ago is now a startling reality.

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