The Most Social Universities In The US [Infographic]


Facebook was originally created for college students, first launching at Harvard, and a new infographic lists the university as the most social in the United States.

Created by MediaMiser, the media monitoring company analyzed mentions, likes, followers, retweets and more for U.S. universities on Facebook and Twitter.

Here were the top six most social based on Twitter mentions and Facebook page activity:

-Harvard: 29 percent
-Duke: 19 percent
-Stanford: 16 percent
-University of Texas: 14 percent
-Florida State: 12 percent
-Ohio State: 10 percent

Harvard also has the most Twitter followers at 351,000, followed by nearly 200,000 for Stanford, and several other universities than those above made the cut:

-Yale: 129,000
-Texas A&M: 112,000
-Princeton: 95,200
-Indiana: 94,300

Since it has the most Twitter followers, Harvard also has the highest retweet reach on the social network at over 20.5 million.

Here were the other top contenders:

-Stanford: 8,790,108
-Michigan State: 5,896,085
-Indiana: 5,644,938
-Ohio State: 5,378,886
-University of Texas: 3,788,624

To no surprise, Harvard has the most Facebook fans at over 3.2 million, leaps and bounds ahead of any other U.S. university. Even Yale was trailing far behind in second place at nearly 833,000 fans.

While the Cambridge, Massachusetts university rules in the East, the University of Texas rules the Central U.S., and Stanford came out on top in the West.

Social Media Infographic

Photo credit: il.irenelee

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