The Most Creative Insults The Left Has Made Up To Describe The Alt-Right

Describe The Alt-Right

The left has come up with more than a few terms to describe conservatives and the alt-right, but few are more creative than the insults I’ve gathered below. Whether you’re looking for a comeback to some troll online calling you a snowflake, or you want to keep a few in your back pocket for when the time comes, these will definitely get you the reaction you’re looking for. Piss off a Republican or add a few new words to your vocabulary with these creative insults used to describe the alt-right.

Alt-Right Warriors

Describe The Alt-Right

According to, an alt-right warrior is someone who firmly supports Trump, his policies, and anyone who happens to be his advisor that week. Even though they consider themselves to be “anti-establishment,” they often ignore the fact that Trump and his political positions are in fact pro-establishment. By ignoring any facts that aren’t consistent with their political beliefs, alt-right warriors are blissfully unaware of the irony of supporting Trump.

“‘Alt-right warriors’ claim to be anti-establishment while ignoring the establishment personnel appointed to key cabinet and political positions by Trump, who include high-level Goldman Sachs executives and former executives. These ‘warriors’ either ignore or are dismissive of Trump’s aim to enforce federal laws against recreational use of marijuana toward states that have chosen by popular vote to legalize it.”


Describe The Alt-Right

A Rethuglican, or Rethug for short, is the clever combination of the words Republican and thug. It describes a Republican who gets elected into office and then proceeds to change the laws so that all of their illegal activities become legal. Hardly a new phrase, calling the alt-right Rethuglicans has been a thing long before Trump stepped into the White House.

“Low-life criminal element of the Republican party.”

Wing Nut

Describe The Alt-Right

Unlike the wingnut commonly used when building Ikea furniture, a wing nut is a person who has irrational political views often stemming from their religious beliefs. These are all of the alt-right extremists who like to quote the Bible when it’s in their favor and think that everyone should live their lives just as they do.

“An eccentric driven by religious fervor to take on unusual or irrational social or political opinions without care that other members of society consider them off balance. The extremism of these people’s faith is proof to them that they are right.”


Describe The Alt-Right

While some use this term to describe a pumpkin that strongly resembles Donald Trump, it’s more commonly used to describe the alt-right. Combining the words Trump and munchkin, a Trumpkin is a Trump supporter with the simplicity and gullibility of the munchkins in the Wizard of OZ.

“The term invokes the munchkins of Oz, a miniaturized people of questionable intellectual backing and strong propensity towards astronomical heights of gullibility.”

Trump Jungen

Describe The Alt-Right

The term Trump Jungen describes the young people who follow and support Trump and his policies. It is derived from Hitler Jungen, which was the phrase used to described the children and young supporters of Adolf Hitler. Jungen translates to “young animals” and referred to the Nazi boys and girls of Germany. Seems suitable!


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