The Last Circus Bear In Serbia Finally Gets Rehabilitated In A Home With A View

Photo by Four Paws

Those circus animals which look so happy during on-stage performances have a lot of sad and cruel stories behind the entertainment they bring. Only recently in human history has society began the humane treatment for such creatures, and that includes bears which are common circus performers. So bear with us as we tell the story of Napa, the last Serbian circus bear.

Napa’s life is something us humans would consider unbearable– no pun intended, he spent most of it behind a cage. In fact, until now, he has never experienced his natural habitat. Napa was born in a zoo and was given to a circus in Serbia. However, Napa’s circus career went to an end when Serbia banned the use of wild animals in circuses. Because of this, Napa was sent back to a zoo with cramped living quarters and substandard facilities. One would think that his suffering was over.

Photo by Four Paws

It was only until recently in the early weeks of July that a wildlife foundation named FOUR PAWS International and a sanctuary named Arosa Bärenland rescued poor Napa from his zoo dungeon. The journey took Napa from Serbia to Switzerland in a span of 900 miles and 28 hours of travel.

There, the 1,200-pound-bear was introduced to a sprawling new natural habitat. He was also given a bath and groomed to remove years of accumulated dirt on his bear coat.

Napa had never seen such a wide view his entire life. Though he will probably take a while before he becomes used to the new environment. The best part was that he can finally see the sky! Napa is now truly and finally, a free bear with all his bear necessities fulfilled.

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