The Internet is Squeeing Over Tiny Drake


Drake dropped his newest album, “Views on the 6”, and all his fans pounced on it. Some might see the timing as fortuitous, as the album came out on the tail of Beyonce’s controversial “Lemonade” album.

And then there are others who are so into the album cover — a really tiny Drake overlooking Toronto from a tower. In fact, they got so into it, they couldn’t resist taking it to Photoshop.

Oh, Drake.

Sweet, sweet, sweet Drake.

You just make it too easy. As in, easy peasy orange-squeezy.

Even Mother Nature approves.

Drake is even adorning the shoulders of some of the biggest stars in the industry — from fellow rapper Meek Mill…

… to Christopher Walken, …

… to even Ri-Ri herself.


Unfortunately, Drakesters were not feeling this new album, and had much to say about it on the Twitterverse.

Like this one. Ouch.

Even Buzz and Woody were not exempt from it.

Hey, Pinball Wizard was cool, so this might actually be a… good… thing? … No? Oh, okay.

But at least there are a few good things we can take away from the lyrics.

For example:

Never change, Drake. Never change.

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