The Hilarious Results of Trying To Eat In 125 MPH Wind [Video]

Wind at Mount Washington
[Photo credit: Bob Grant Photography]

Nicknamed “The Breakfast of Champions”, this epic mealtime shows a man attempting to eat a bowl of cereal in wind gusting at more than 100 MPH.

Originally shot last year, the video shows a man sitting atop the Mount Washington Observatory in North Conway, New Hampshire. The footage shows just how powerful the wind is at that high altitude. The man struggles to hold down the table. He attempts to pour a bowl of cereal, but the cereal simply blows away before it even hits the bowl. The same happens to the milk. Eventually, the bowl blows away completely. The hilarious finale of the video shows the table and the man toppling over.

The video ends with the man jokingly putting his hands on hips as he denied breakfast from mother nature.

Bon Appetit.

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