The CIA Officially Joins Twitter; Shows Sense of Humor

cia twitter

The United States Central Intelligence Agency has joined the Twitterverse officially, opening with what could very well be the best tweet ever.

While that is a nice display of humor, not everyone is happy with the Agency’s social media team (or whoever is responsible for the account).

Amnesty International, for one, was quick to release a statement:

In response to the CIA’s first tweet, Zeke Johnson, Director of Amnesty International USA’s Security & Human Rights Program, called on the agency to release “the full truth about the CIA torture and drone strikes.”

“The CIA’s first Tweet would be funny if it weren’t for the agency’s use of torture and extrajudicial executions. They should put as least as much effort into following the law as they do into social media,” Johnson said in a statement.

The CIA’s Twitter debut was welcomed by by numerous tweets, some riding on the humorous nature.

Wikileaks is not silent on this as well, joining the fray, and giving the CIA something to think about.

Follow the CIA on Twitter if you dare: @CIA.

How cool – or scary – would it be if the CIA starts following you?

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