The Best Anti-Trump Instagram Accounts

Trump protestors in Washington DC

Every day of the Trump Presidency is more surreal than the last. Sometimes you need to escape the madness by reminding yourself that you’re not alone in finding Trump to be one of the worst human beings on the planet — even if it sometimes feels like you’re all by yourself.

Instagram to the rescue! Now that you’re following the best Twitter accounts from #TheResistance, how about some social media accounts that are purely for sharing photos, art, and video? Visuals are a lot more fun than reading, amiright? (The President himself would agree — he reportedly has someone give his daily briefing to him aloud every morning so he doesn’t have to do any of that like, reading stuff himself.)

Here are some of the best Instagram accounts for Trump detractors, aka #TheResistance. You’re welcome, America.

Fair warning: most if not all of these accounts include profane comments that are very NSFW.




A post shared by Trump Memes (@donaldtrumpdoingthings) on

With an incredible 154,000 followers, clearly this Instagram account is doing something right. @donaldtrumpdoingthings is an Instagram account that posts humorous looks at the Trump Presidency. It’s re-posts of memes created by others mostly, but think of it as a repository for all of the best anti-Trump memes, brought together in one place.


A post shared by Trump Googles (@trumpgoogles) on

An utterly hysterical imagining of what kinds of things Donald Trump looks up on Google on a daily basis. Anytime something newsworthy happens, you can usually find a @trumpgoogles post about it. And then there are instances like the one above, that are just crazy enough to make you wonder.


@liberal_dad is funny as long as you like a little bitterness mixed in with your comedy. Most of what he posts comes from a point of view that’s along the lines of “I can’t believe it’s come to this.” And every day it becomes even more insane, so you can easily imagine @liberal_dad sliding a little further into incredulous madness with each new day.


Where anger meets funny is where you’ll find @trumptarded. Regularly pointing out the absurdity of everything Donald Trump says and does, what really sets this account apart is that the owner creates all of his or her own images, instead of just re-posting stuff made by others.


#DonaldTrump #SexOffender #TrumpForPrison #Deplorables

A post shared by Archer (@archer_common_sense) on

Love political cartoons? You’ve come to the right place. @archer_common_sense posts about 75% current ‘toons, along with bizarre Trump-related headlines and the occasional meme.


Blindly leading his supporters…

A post shared by Anti Trump Cartoons (@anti.trump.cartoons) on

Aside from being cute and insightful, what really makes this account remarkable is that its art is made entirely by an 11-year-old. And this is one seriously woke kid. His art isn’t the greatest ever but it’s not bad, either. It gets the message across so clearly and concisely that it’s obvious that plenty of thought went into each one.



This Instagram account is mad and not going to take it anymore. If this was fiction, the stuff posted by @thatsnotrightpolitics would almost be funny. But every word of it is real, so it’s infuriating.


Unlike most other anti-Trump accounts, there’s no original artwork or doctored images to be found on this account. It’s all real photos paired with incredible headlines. And by “incredible,” I mean crazy but true.


Trump is a sad excuse for a leader. #Impeach4Peace

A post shared by Sandy Piña California Delegate (@impeach4peace) on

Run by Californian activist Sandy Piña, you’ll find lots of words of wisdom sprinkled among Piña’s wit-filled zingers and a few political cartoons.


If you need a daily reality check of the insanity that is the Trump Administration and the multitude of scandals, indignities, embarrassments, and laws outright broken by the President, then @theangrylib is for you.


I’m just gonna say it: #SeanHannity is a Russian operative, too, right? Spreading propaganda via the state news channel, right? (I mean, it’s obvious he’s not quite all there in the brain department, but there’s something pathological and/or decidedly smelling of ?? about his #fakenewsness, isn’t there?) ••• The #FoxNews narrative about the #NunesMemo has been eaten hook line and sinker by pro-Trump social media pages and by Trump fans who visit them #HeavenHelpTheirSouls – when #Hannity goes even more #fakenewsy, they go rabid ➡ ••• ⚠⚠ Make sure you and everyone you know are registered to #vote in the #Nov2018 #MidTerms because this ?? filth needs VOTING OUT…and you can bet your hard-earned dollars that there *will* be Russian interference in the mid-terms, too…⚠⚠ ••• Image from @emergen.c.kitten; fake #fauxnews narrative from Trevor Noah, @thedailyshow (two negatives make a positive, right?!) ••• #RemoveNunes ??#NunesMustGo ⚠ #AgentTrump ?? #DonaldTrump ??#PutinsPuppet ? #RussianAgent ?? #FuckTrump ? #FuckTheGOP ? #donthecon ? #LiarInChief ? #LyingPresident ?#CallHimWhatHeIs ? #racist ?#NaziSympathizer ? #WhiteSupremacist ?#HateMonger ? #LiarThiefTraitorInChief ?#UnfitForOffice ? #UnfitToBePresident ?

A post shared by ??”Nasty Woman” ?? (@shameonyoutrump) on

When you’re angry and you know it… You may be a self-described “nasty woman” on Instagram. This account is described by its owner as “a place for resisters to grieve decency and regroup.”

Everything Else


A promotional account for a company that sells anti-Trump stickers, but don’t write it off. The stuff they post is just as fascinating and legit as any other account on this list.


#Psychopath “WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump hit the golf course on Monday, three days after visiting people affected by the deadly school shooting in nearby Parkland, Fla. Trump avoided golf over the weekend, a decision aides said was out of respect for the 17 people killed in a shooting last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.” #MostCorruptPresidentEver #WorstPresidentEver ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• “What do I know about it? All I know is what’s on the internet.” – DJT ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @trumpmememe #Trumpmememe #Obama #DishonestDon #NoTrumpNoKKKNoFascistUSA #Trump #YOULIE #ShitHole #PresidentSnowflake #Deplorable #FuckTrump #LockHimUp #Resist #NotMyPresident #ITMFA #ANTIFA #TakeAKnee #Dotard #MAGAron #YallQaeda #TrumpTaxScam?#GoogleIt •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

A post shared by I Have The Greatest Followers! (@trumpmememe) on

A solid mixture of headlines, commentary, photos, memes, and cartoons. In other words, @trumpmememe is a little bit of everything.


Trump Lies, December edition. (Larger/shareable version on @politifact

A post shared by (@trumpforprisoncampaign) on

One of many apparell and accessory companies capitolizing on the kooky things that escape from Donald Trump’s mouth, @trumpforprisoncampaign sells the usual stuff: t-shirts, hats, stickers, coffee mugs, etc. But they deserve inclusion on this list for fact-checks like the one above. Be warned: @trumpforprisioncampaign is probably the most NSFW account on this list, chocked full of f-bombs and birds being flipped.

What’s your favorite anti-Trump Instagram account? Let us know in the Comments!

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