Terrifying Roller Coaster Offers Bizarre Feature [Video]

Roller coasters are meant to be exhilarating and slightly terrifying experiences, but one roller coaster is taking it to a whole new level. Check out Japan’s Sky Cycle at Okayama Prefecture’s Brazilian Washuzan Highland Park. This is not your normal roller coaster. First of all, you aren’t in a normal mechanical cart, you are propelled in a bike. You are basically biking on a track high above the ground.

Each cart has space for two people with two sets of pedals, so the passengers can control the speed. With only a seatbelt securing you into seat, the ride is pretty intense. With sharp turns and corners, the riders must make sure not to run into other cars on the track. The track is located four stories above the ground on hilly terrain.

[Photo credit: Flickr/Michael Calore]
[Photo credit: Flickr/Michael Calore]
The rider is given such control over his experience. This makes the Sky Cycle one of the most unique roller coasters in existence. The coaster also offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, which is pretty beautiful. You can see the nearby Seto Inland Sea and picturesque views.

Some of the trees have grown onto the track, making the ride seem a little more dangerous.


The Sky Cycle seems like a one of a kind experience, just don’t fall off.

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