If You’re Scared of Heights or Roller Coasters Orlando’s Newest Record-breaking Thrill Ride Is Your New Nightmare

For some people, roller coasters are things of nightmares. They don’t get the thrill or rush or bust of adrenaline that real roller coaster junkies do. Instead they are sitting on the sidelines watching and wondering how people can enjoy those fright machines they call roller coasters. Or they’re closing their eyes tight, screaming their lungs out wishing for the nightmare to end.

An aversion of roller coasters often goes along with a fear of heights for a double dose of symptoms that plague the less dare devilish among us.

On the other hand if you’re not petrified of heights or dizzyingly fast roller coasters, then this latest attraction might be a dream come true for you.

As the POV shot video above demonstrates, Skyscraper — as the brand new roller coaster is going to be known — is set to be a blindingly fast and loopy journey through heights, twists, spins, turns, and dives.

On its official Facebook page, the Skyscraper is being advertised as:

…the world’s first Polercoaster, and soon to be the tallest structure in Central Florida, will join The Orlando Eye observation wheel as focal points of the I-Drive skyline. Skyscraper will not only be an incredible feat of architecture, but also a first-of-its-kind thrill ride.

The Huffington Post reports on this record-breaking Florida attraction that will be coming to the Skyplex complex in Orlando:

The Skyscraper is due to be unveiled in 2017 and will tower 570 feet over Orlando’s International Drive. Construction on the Skyscraper will begin next year.

According to Bill Kitchen, the founder of the company — US Thrill Rides — that makes the Skyscraper, this roller coaster isn’t just all hype. Kitchen told the Orlando Sentinel:

The unique design of the coaster means more incredible, heart-pounding inside and outside loops, dives, spirals and inversions in a vertical area than riders have ever before experienced.


Learn more about this history-making thrill ride at Skyscraper’s official Facebook page here.



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