Teens Love Online Videos, Especially If They Engage In Social Networking [Infographic]

Teen Social Video Consumption

Teenagers tend to be more internet savvy then their parents and when it comes to online video consumption they are often leading the charge towards streaming, recording and downloading dominance.

The team at Onlinecollege.org took a look at online video consumption and used that information to create an infographical examination of the demographics associated with video chatting, recording and watching videos and even streaming video content.

For the most part white, hispanic and black users spend the same amount of time engaging in online video content, while girls tend to chat more than guys.

The stats we were most interested in were the social media use numbers and the infographic shows that Twitter users engage in online video more than Facebook users. In fact Twitter users engage more in online video viewing than non-social network users.

This infographic is not only social media based but it is worth a closer look:



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