Taraji P. Henson to Host SNL on April 11


Empire” fans may still be suffering from withdrawal symptoms at the two-hour finale of the series. (Au revoir, Cookie. you gave us them haute couture dreams, and we’re still not over it.) But take heart! Taraji P. Henson will be hosting Saturday Night Live this coming April 11. Mumford & Sons will also appear on the show as a musical guest.

On “Empire”, Taraji P. Henson played Cookie Lyon, a hard-as-nails down-to-bidness maven. “Empire” viewers began falling at her feet with her style game on point and her hip-savvy business. The hard-tack attitude she helped her survive jail time serves her just as well in the corporate world.

But Taraji brings something special to Cookie. she pulls off these snappy one-liners that send viewers rolling in their seats, and her impeccable timing and delivery makes them all the more memorable. this is one of the best reasons why we think Taraji will be a perfect fit for the SNL show.

And let’s admit it, we would so kill for Cookie’s wardrobe.


when Taraji commits to a role, she commits, like , commits to it — she’s played a host of characters from her character opposite “Brad Pitt in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button” to her pre-Empire role in “Person of Interest“, she can slip into these roles with great aplomb. We’re sure the zany characters the SNL writers will think up for her should be no biggie at all.


Taraji will also officially be the 10th black woman to host SNL in 40 years. Props to the SNL casting crew for making diversity happen on the shows, and Taraji becoming host is something good that’s just been waiting and needing to happen.

Taraji’s “Empire” family is super excited for her. Check out this Instagram post:

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