Zooey Deschanel Talks Pregnancy With Jimmy Kimmel [Video]


“Congratulations! Either you’re pregnant or you’ve smuggled a cantaloupe out of the green room,” quips Jimmy Kimmel. “I’m pregnant?!” Zooey Deschanel good-naturedly kids on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last Thursday. Zooey came on the show looking adorable in her red frock and black tights, and we are so glad her style translates so well into her motherhood.

Zooey announced that she and her fiance Jacob Pechenik were expecting their first child this past January 13, and the Internet has just been excited for the two. It may be a bit too early for them to start picking out colors and booties for their little bundle of joy, and it certainly sounds like Zooey isn’t the least bit rushed about it. she discusses with Jimmy that they want to be surprised with the baby’s sex. “[We’ll] turn it into a game, she laughs. She does admit that that sometimes flounders from sex to sex. She shared a story where the technician admitted to her that they use the pronoun “he” merely out of habit, and that it’s still not a giveaway for Baby Deschanel.

Jimmy agrees with Zooey’s plans, and we do, too.

Zooey has taken a break from her vegan diet and has begun eating what she wants (good for you again, Zooey), with the exception of a few foods she dearly misses: sushi, soft cheeses, and wine, to name a few. She also dearly misses coffee: “I would, like, have four cups a day, and now I can have a half cup, which is-” she throws her hands up in the air in mock frustration.

Emily Deschanel, her sister, is also pregnant. The talk went into veganism and breastfeeding: to feed, or not to feed? Zooey broke out into a chuckle, and said she’d think a bit more about it.

Watch the video here:

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