Sweat It To Get It: Peyton Manning Refuses Customers Gatorade

Peyton manning sweat it to get it

Whoever came up with this concept should be given an endless amount of high fives. Peyton Manning stars as a gas station manager who will not allow customers to buy Gatorade unless they are currently sweating. Manager Manning does not care if it’s your birthday, you worked out two hours before, or you already took a sip from it.

Basically, you have to “Sweat It To Get It.”


It is unclear if these commercials are real or staged, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hilarious. The gas station cashier, Rob Belushi, does an excellent job of keeping his pokerface strong and denying the customers their sport drink. Cam Newton pops up in a few and even rubs his nasty sweat all over some kid’s face.

Watch the hilarity ensue.







[Photo credit: YouTube]

Kokou Adzo

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